How much potassium is removed by ‘double boiling’ a potato?

[highlight style=”color” ]‘Double boiling’[/highlight] a peeled and chopped potato removes up to 50% of the potassium in the potato.

[highlight style=”color” ]‘Double boiling’[/highlight] is the term used to describe, one method of producing low potassium potatoes.

The potatoes are peeled, chopped into small pieces and placed into a large pot of boiling water (ratio 4:1 water: potato). The water is brought to the boil, discarded & replaced with a large amount of fresh boiling water (ratio 4:1 water: potato). The potatoes are cooked in this water and the water is then drained before measuring the potato allowance.

An average peeled and boiled potato (175g) contains 490mg / 12.5mmol potassium and double boiled this will reduce to 245mg / 6.3mmol potassium.

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