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Liver, kidney, pate, sausages, salami, meat pastes


Fresh Beef, Lamb, pork, chicken, turkey


Crab, sardines, kippers, whitebait, fish roe, monk fish, sea bass, prawns, bones of tinned fish


Fresh Cod, Whiting, plaice, lemon sole, tuna, salmon

Bread, rolls and scones

Naan bread, soda bread, scones


Ciabatta, garlic bread, pitta, white sliced bread, brown sliced bread, baguettes, croissants, granary rolls, soft & crusty white rolls.

Rice and Pasta

Brown Rice and brown pasta


White Pasta, plain noodles, basmati rice, white rice

Breakfast Cereals

All Bran, Branflakes, muesli, cereals containing nuts or chocolate, Ready Brek, wheat germ.


Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Riccles, Special K, Porridge, Weetabix, Ready Brek, Frosties*(pop up box ‘not suitable on a weight reducing or a reduced sugar diet’),

Biscuits, cakes, pastry, buns

Oat based biscuits, oatcakes, flapjacks, rye crispbreads, and biscuits containing nuts or chocolate, scones, cake mixes, waffles, cakes containing nuts or chocolate, instant dessert mixes.


In moderation*: (pop up box ‘not suitable on a weight reducing or a reduced sugar diet’),

Gingernuts, custard creams, jammy dodgers, Jam rings, Shortcake, Shortbread, Madeira cake, pastry, doughnuts, jam tarts, crumbles, tarts, lemon meringue pie

More suitable in moderation on a reduced sugar diet

Rich Tea,  Marietta, Lincoln, Digestives, water biscuits, cream crackers

Please note: that a considerable number of the above suggestions are a source of added phosphates (link to fact sheet re: phosphate additives) and should be considered as “treat foods”.

Sweets / snack food

Chocolate and foods containing chocolate such as cakes, bars or sweets, fudge, toffees, cereal bars, nuts


In moderation*: (pop up box ‘not suitable on a weight reducing or a reduced sugar diet’),

Boiled Sweets, marshmallows, jellies, mints, Turkish delight (no chocolate)



Horlicks, Ovaltine, Drinking Chocolate, Complan, Build Up, Cola Drinks



Tea, lemonade, tonic water, lucozade, ginger ale.

You can use most dilutible drinks – check the label and avoid those with a fruit juice content of more than 12%

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