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Providing kidney diet advice and recipes to educate and
empower people with Chronic Kidney Disease.
The Irish Kidney Diet website has been developed by CORU registered Renal Dietitians.



1. A low phosphate substitute for ice cream is _____
2. Dried _____ & peas are high in phosphate.
3. When phosphate levels are too high skin may become _____
4. Ask your dietitian about an _____ milk that is low in phosphate.
6. Excess phosphate & calcium join together to form _____ deposits in your body. This is
called calcification.
7. _____ products such as milk, cheese & yoghurt are very high in phosphate.
11. A _____ blood phosphate level is between 0.7—1.5 mmol/L.

2. Keeping phosphate & calcium in balance will help your _____ & heart stay strong and
5. Phosphate _____ help keep phosphate in food from being absorbed in your blood.
8. _____ coloured fizzy drinks are higher in phosphate than light or clear soft drinks.
9. Calcification can occur in the _____, lungs, blood vessels, joints & other soft tissue.
10. Phosphate binders are only effective if taken with _____
12. Excess phosphate in your blood causes _____ to leave your bones.

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[itg-tooltip tooltip-content=”<p><br /> <strong>Down</strong><br /> 1.Sorbet<br /> 2.Beans<br /> 3.Itchy<br /> 4.Artificial<br /> 6.Hard<br /> 7.Dairy<br /> 11.Normal<br /> <strong>Across</strong><br /> 2.Bones<br /> 5.Binders<br /> 8.Dark<br /> 9.Heart<br /> 10.Food<br /> 12.Calcium</p>”]Answers[/itg-tooltip]



Suitable foods for your picnic basket:

Crackers            Celery Sticks           Grapes
Jam Grilled        Chicken                    Jelly Babies*
Bread Sticks      Drumsticks             Lemonade*
Cream Cheese  Coleslaw                  Jelly
Roast Beef         Macaroni Salad      French Bread
Turkey                Tinned Pears          Cream Biscuits*
Sandwiches        Pineapple               Unsalted Popcorn
Carrot Sticks      Apple

*These foods are energy (calorie) dense and high in sugar. It is
usually recommended that they should be avoided if you have
diabetes or are trying to lose weight. Speak to your Kidney (Renal)

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4. SHUBR your teeth often.
6. Use OMELN wedges to freshen your mouth.
7. EFZERE small pieces of fruit from your daily, allowance such as grapes.
9. Stay cool by staying in the EDAHS.
10. Rinse your mouth with chilled WOTAMHSUH.
12. Fill a container with your advised amount of TRAWE.
15. Take ONDEATMICI with mealtime liquids.
17. Avoid ATLSY foods.

1. Use OSRU sweets to moisten your mouth.
2. If diabetic control your thirst by keeping your GLUDBSOOAR under control.
3. ESNIRout your mouth with cold water.
5. Keep boiled EWSTES in the fridge.
8. GIWHCEN gum can help you reduce thirst.
11. HIGWE yourself at home.
13. When taking fluid pour an UQALE amount of water into a measuring jug to keep track of what you’ve drank that day.
14. Use ALMSL cups and glasses.
16. Keep a fluid YRIDA.

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[itg-tooltip tooltip-content=”<p><br /> <strong>Across </strong><br /> 4.Brush<br /> 6.Lemon<br /> 7.Freeze<br /> 9.Shade<br /> 10.Mouthwash<br /> 12.Water<br /> 15.Medication<br /> 17.Salty<br /> <strong>Down</strong><br /> 1.Sour<br /> 2.Blood Sugar<br /> 3.Rinse<br /> 5.Sweets<br /> 8.Chewing<br /> 11.Weigh<br /> 14.Small<br /> 16.Diary</p>”]Answers[/itg-tooltip]



1. Allow for a SALPETAN,
relaxing & quiet environment.
4. Take your METI when eating.
5. Avoid other TATVICIESI while eating, such as watching TV, driving or talking on the phone.
6. Allow 20-30 NUTIEMS to eat your meal.
7. Use a small LEAPT.
8. Take MALLS bites.
10. After you are finished eating VEREMO food from the table.
12. It takes about 15-20 minutes for your RIBNA to send a message to your stomach that it is full

2. Plan food that you will JENYO.
3. Arrange your food in a ACTRETIVAT manner.
8. ITS down while eating.
9. Avoid the “Clean Plate Club”. It’s OK to leave a little on your plate or to save food for ALERT
11. Take a KREAB after 10-15 Minutes and notice how full you are
12. Chew each BETI well.
13. After you SNIHFI your meal, take a walk or move into another room.

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[itg-tooltip tooltip-content=”<br> <strong>Across</strong><br> 1.Pleasant<br> 4.Time<br> 5.Activities<br> 6.Minutes<br> 7.Plate<br> 8.Small<br> 10.Remove<br> 12.Brain<br> <strong>Down</strong><br> 2.Enjoy<br> 3.Attractive<br> 8.Sit<br> 9.Later<br> 11.Break<br> 12.Bite<br> 13.Finish<br> “]Answers[/itg-tooltip]



Suitable snack ideas (Enjoy these foods as occasional treats if you
are watching the fat or sugar in your diet):

Apple Tart                 Unsalted Crackers          Sorbet
Jelly                            Cream Cheese                 Unsalted Popcorn
Ginger ale                 Jelly Babies                      Swiss Roll
Lemonade                Marshmallows                Gingerbread
Jammie Dodgers      Cream Slice                     Jam Doughnut

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Flavour foods with:

Nutmeg       Chives              Sage
Ginger          Scallions         Basil
Allspice        Cumin             Thyme
Cinnamon   Oregano         Pepper
Mint              Vinegar           Rosemary
Lemon         Horseradish    Cayenne
Lime             Garlic

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  • We are delighted to see this website coming from the Renal Interest Group – we regularly get calls from patients, and their families, seeking information on the renal diet and this will be a great resource.

  • Maire Leddy SheridanClinical Nurse Manager, Renal Dialysis Unit Cavan and Monaghan Hospital Group

    I feel this informative website will empower patients to look at their own diet and strive to improve their quality of life. I wish to thank all involved in getting this of the ground.

  • Val TwomeyAuthor of Truly Tasty

    I would like to congratulate the renal dietitians from the Renal Interest Group of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute for such a wonderful, informative, eye catching patient education site. Just Brilliant!