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Developed by CORU registered kidney (renal) dietitians

    Adapting Recipes

    Learn to adapt your favourite home cooked foods making them suitable for your kidney diet

  • Meal Planner

    Create your own Kidney (Renal) diet menu

  • Salt

    The Kidney (Renal) Dietitians explain here why it is better to leave the salt in the sea!

  • Phosphate Swapshop

    Follow the Kidney (Renal) dietitians guide to reducing your dietary intake of phosphate

Food, Diet and Nutrition information for people living with chronic kidney disease and their carers.

Designed by CORU registered Irish Dietitians, Irish Kidney Diet brings you recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and background information, all designed specifically for people with chronic kidney disease.

Discover what you can eat when you need to follow a kidney (renal) diet.

Kidney Disease Explained

  • Mark Denton  - Irish Kidney Diet

    The Kidneys: An introduction

    Mark Denton – Irish Kidney Diet
  • Sean Leavey Irish Kidney Diet

    Stages of Kidney Disease

    Sean Leavey – Irish Kidney Diet
  • Bernice Curtis - Irish Kidney Diet

    Diet and Lifestyle

    Bernice Curtis – Irish Kidney Diet

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