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Developed by CORU registered kidney (renal) dietitians

How much potassium is removed by ‘double boiling’ a potato?

‘Double boiling’ a peeled and chopped potato removes up to 50% of the potassium in the potato.

‘Double boiling’ is the term used to describe, one method of producing low potassium potatoes.

The potatoes are peeled, chopped into small pieces and placed into a large pot of boiling water (ratio 4:1 water: potato). The water is brought to the boil, discarded & replaced with a large amount of fresh boiling water (ratio 4:1 water: potato). The potatoes are cooked in this water and the water is then drained before measuring the potato allowance.

An average peeled and boiled potato (175g) contains 490mg / 12.5mmol potassium and double boiled this will reduce to 245mg / 6.3mmol potassium.

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