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Developed by CORU registered kidney (renal) dietitians

Is diet really that important?

No matter what stage of Chronic Kidney Disease…

diet plays an essential role in treating kidney disease. In early Chronic Kidney Disease, restricting protein intake to a moderate level may help delay the progression of disease. This restriction should be planned carefully with your Kidney (Renal) Dietitian to avoid nutrient deficiencies occurring.

High blood pressure…

is one of the leading causes of Chronic Kidney Disease, and salt has been shown to play a role in contributing to high blood pressure. A lot of the salt we take is hidden in processed or packaged foods. You could start by cutting back on processed foods (such as packet soups and sauces, processed meat and meat products) and choosing more fresh foods. Using herbs and spices instead of salt in cooking and at the table will help flavour your food. See the section on food labels for more information on what to look out for when reading food labels.

Diet helps control high potassium and phosphate levels…

which can develop in kidney disease. At all stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, restricting salt intake is very important for controlling blood pressure and helping to reduce fluid overload.

For individualised dietary advice, talk to your Kidney (Renal) Dietitian or ask your Doctor to refer you to one.