Is eating protein unhealthy for people with chronic kidney disease?

[highlight style=”color” ]No.[/highlight] Protein is an essential nutrient for everybody as part of a well-balanced diet.

[highlight style=”color” ]However…[/highlight] the amount you need each day will depend on the stage of your kidney disease.

[highlight style=”color” ]As your kidney disease progresses…[/highlight] you may be told to reduce your protein intake. This is because your kidneys may not be able to able to excrete the waste products if you eat too much.

[highlight style=”color” ]With end stage kidney disease…[/highlight] if you are on dialysis you will need to eat more protein each day as protein is lost from your body during the dialysis procedure.

[highlight style=”color” ]The exact amount of protein required…[/highlight] is individual for everybody and is based on your body weight. Talk to your Kidney (Renal) Dietitian about how much protein you need and which food sources are best for you.

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